5 Tips for Building Strength of Character

5 Tips for Building Strength of Character

What is your character?

According to popular definition, “character” when referring to a person is the sum of traits of personality that defines the individual as such in front of others, the collection of behavioral properties and habits which makes and individual.

So then the other vital question comes – who is weak and who is strong of character ?

Strength of Character in 5 Easy Steps

Having strength of character means being able to assert yourself and your will over the small challenges that the world around you presents you with.

It means you should be able to resist illogical cravings and temptation and become a master of yourself. But how can you do that?

Here’s how!

1. Developing Integrity

Having integrity means leaving little to chance – it means sticking to your own system of morals and ethics.

One needs to set his borders, his moral compass to a certain direction. Most people entrust religion with that choice, but if you can think for yourself and find ways to make your life better and the world – a better place, you can develop your own moral system based on your experiences.

Stick with your morals, abide by them, but not to the sense of blind fanaticism. When presented with something, think about its implications and then judge right from wrong.

Both developing and following morals are part of building integrity, and integrity is a part of having strength of character.

2. Try to be Calm at All Cost

A calm person is a person who’s able to asses a situation correctly, and apply corrective measures appropriately. That’s why you need to strive to be one.

Be that as it may, being calm is one of the hardest things in the world if you’re not used to being in that state.

You’d have to reconfigure the way you react to a lot of things, but once you get there, that will improve so many parts of your life, and make you able to deal better with lots of situations, both mundane and extraordinary.

3. Balance Between Optimism and Pessimism

Although the perfect , golden middle might be just as impossible to find as the two extremities, it’s useful to try and stay well grounded.

Being either constantly too optimistic or pessimistic is a sign of a week character.

Pessimists tend to doom any endeavor before it begins, while optimists often act foolishly and gamble with their destiny. To avoid those mistakes, try to make your best assessment of the situation and act accordingly.

Instead of worrying that the glass is half empty, or being overjoyed that it’s half-full , simply say it’s filled 50-50 and drink from the glass. Identify how full it is, and act accordingly, that’s the whole idea.

4. Discern Between Needs and Urges

A need is something necessary for your survival, success or well-being. You may have many and different types of needs, but one thing that is common for all of them is that the thing you need will get you further in life.

With urges it’s not always the same story. You may feel the sudden urge to hit somebody in a moment of anger, but do you really need to do it, if that person doesn’t present any physical danger to you?

Urges are at the center of addictions, and addictions are something people with strength of character don’t have.

Conversely, most addicts have probably made their addictions worse exactly because of character weakness.  That’s why there is a need to fight urges and satisfy needs.

5. Seek the Truth

Surely, the truth is not always the most comforting  thing in the world, but it’s what allows us to make progress in our lives – both in each individual’s life and in the collection of lives we call mankind.

Being truthful to yourself and others is of paramount importance for those who wish to have strength of character.

Once you strengthen your character (which will not happen at once, but will likely be a gradual slow process) you will be able to do much better in life and maybe even fulfill your dreams and be there for your loved ones when they need you.

Good luck with finding the strength in yourself!

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