How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Many people often find it a challenge to balance the heavy demands of both their work life, and their personal life, but do manage to get it accomplished.

Most people have careers that take up more time than they are able to spend with their families, and call for them to spend many hours away from home and family, including those with small children.

There are ways of balancing and prioritizing both, but people have to plan their schedules out carefully, and in a way to where both family and work are included equally.

By not knowing how to properly balance work and family, there may be consequences to follow later in life.

9 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There are many tips for keeping time with family and work life balanced out. Some tips include:

1. Take time out to identify all goals, family and work.

Writing down what is to be accomplished and when, is very important for balancing work life and personal life.

2. Learn to gain sources of support.

A spouses support is the most important in helping to keep careers balanced, and having family time available without it compromising lifestyles.

3. Figure out a schedule to where family time is set aside each day.

Sit down with a spouse and children, and decide a family event that will take place that does not include any kind of work.

4. Have every member of the household to sit and review what the schedule say.

Make sure that everyone is in agreement with it, and in agreement on when family time will be established

5. Have everyone agree that work time is work time.

There should be no interruptions hat happens during the hours of work, unless there is good reasoning.

6. Family time is family time.

No work should be thought about or done during the hours of spending time with family. No appointments or calls from work should occur at this time.

7. Stay focused.

Do not think about work related things when spending time with family. Resist work related temptations.

8. Set a individual date for spending time with children.

Set aside time for taking children out to eat pizza, or do some other exciting event with them.

9. Set a date with spouse.

Set a time to enjoy many hours with the spouse. Going out to eat and catching a movie can make all the difference for good quality time.


In balancing work life and family life, there is always the chance for extra, added stress, and many times, stress can affect family life more than it does work life.

Other things such as a spouse that is not supportive, children that are not supportive, and a boss that is unbearable to deal with, can add on extra stress, which may cause other problems as well.

The most important thing for balance and normalcy, is to know what the boundaries are between both working and spending time with family.

Setting goals, objectives, and boundaries, allow for things to go smoother and more stress free for everyone that is involved.

Wanted to share how you achieve healthy work-life balance, do in the comments!

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