How to Grow Your Business Without Spending (Much) Money

How to Grow Your Business Without Spending (Much) Money

Everyone who is working in the business world must learn to do more with less.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to take your home-based business to new level without losing your business’s profitability or sacrificing your peace of mind.

5 Tips to Grow your Business Without Spending Much

Here I share five tips that will help you grow your business without adding more resources:

1. Automate Tasks with Software

There are many tools available that allow manual tasks become automatic.

For example, social media tools such as Buffer and Hoostuite let you schedule publications. Also, manage your social networks as a team, not as separate entities.

Most blogging software offers these features.

Consider what can automate tasks such as bill payment.

2. Focus on Scalable Channels and Ignores the Rest

Email should be remained the most scalable and efficient in terms of cost channel.

Online advertising and social networks are also scalable and both require little money to start.

And although it takes time and effort to build a base of followers on social media, once you get it, it is a very powerful tool.

3. Build Your Business Through Referrals

References are a simple way to grow a business.

Ask clients directly for referrals; it is a weapon that everyone should take advantage of.

But where and why you should stop?

It is quite simple to develop a reward system to motivate customer references. This is a very popular technique among retailers and consumer brands.

But B2B companies can also adopt offering incentives and rewards customers for their loyalty and referrals.

4. Be Effective Project Leader

Manage your own time effectively as it is a key area that will help improve the efficiency of your business.

Focus on efficient communications; train your staff to contact you via email instead of phone.


Because email is easy to find, scalable, documented, available 24/7 and there are many tools to use it more efficiently.

Become an expert glider, and schedule your entire week in advance.

To be effective with this, your timing should be almost strict. If you are not on your agenda, then the meeting doesn’t need to be carried out.

It requires discipline to implement it, so it must be firm with people to respect it.

Another good idea is to use tools in the cloud like Dropbox and Google Docs that allow you to share documents and work collaboratively.

With all your documents in the cloud you can work whenever and wherever from.

5. Do not Seek Perfection

Be smart when implementing any of these ideas.

Look for small opportunities to test and learn.

Some require an investment before you get great results. This does not mean you should give them up, but you need to invest in multiple areas simultaneously.

Scale shows results and nurtures others.

Seek to improve the quality in the long run doing a little better iteration.

Do not try to do it right from the first try.

For instance, in my office anecdote commonly talk about the first iPhone as when it was launched without a functionality of copy / paste, and that did not stop Apple put it on the market.

When in doubt, just remember this phrase: “Do something is better than nothing”.

No one can get perfection from the first try.

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