How to Set SMART Business Goals?

How to Set SMART Business Goals

Company set target, individual set Goal.

When do you normally set your goal?

Or Shall I ask when was the last time you set your goals?

Most people set their goal at the beginning of a new year as a new year’s resolution.

It somehow became a tradition for many people.

It seems like if you do not do a New Year’s Resolution, you are not good for advancement in life or worse, worse still, your friends and associates or your boss may think you are good for nothing.

So you also written a list of “things” you are going to do for the year; at least when those busy bodies are asking you, you have proof of being an assertive and man with a mission.

How did you set your goal?

You follow, of course the popular SMART goal setting method

S pecific

M easurable

A chievable

R ealistic

T ime Bound

What next with Your SMART Goal Sheet?

And you stick your goal sheet onto a prominent place in your workplace or bedroom so that you are able to see it every day and night to serve as a reminder to achieve your goals.

What a great goal!

You thought to yourself as your goals have met all the SMART criteria.

Days and months passed, it’s time to review your goals and set a new one for the new year, you look at your goal sheet, except for a few trivial goals that does not matter much to your life, many are still pretty much the same.

Your life has not changed much with the achievement of those trivial goals.

What’s wrong?

You may ask.

You are just one of the many who fall into the fallacy of smart goal setting, just like the frogs on the lily pads who decided to jump into the ponds in the hot summer sun.

But they still remind on the lily pads.

Decision made but no action, that’s  what is missing in the SMART formula.

SMART enough but NO ACTION!

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