Set Smaller Goals To Reach Larger Goals

Set Smaller Goals To Reach Larger Goals

I want to make a million dollars! 

I want to lose 100 pounds! 

I want to have a successful business of my own and quit my job! 

I want to make 50 sales this month!

Do these statements look familiar to you? 

Maybe you have one or two of them on your list of goals. All too often, when someone starts setting goals for themselves, they come up with a list like this. In and of itself, there is no problem with having big goals.

I have big goals as I’m sure you do. The problem often comes when we have a really big goal, but no smaller goals to get there.

Have you ever seen the movie “What About Bob?” with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss?  (If you haven’t, go rent it or something, its hilarious!)

In this movie is mentioned “Baby Steps.”

I know that we all have heard the term before when applied to accomplishing larger things in life, but I want to come back to it for a few minutes here and apply it to your goals.

Once you have established a large goal for yourself, then try to come up with some of the baby step type of goals to reach that larger goal.

For example, if you wanted to lose 100 pounds, write a list of smaller goals down that you think will help you to achieve the larger goal.

Maybe change your diet, drink less soda, walk or workout a few times per week. These are all smaller goals to set to help you achieve the “biggie.”

In the last paragraph, I mentioned to write down smaller goals that you think will help you to achieve the larger goal.

Whether all of your ideas will be good ones or not, just start writing that list. In fact, write down as many baby step type goals as you can think of.

Some of them might be fruitcake ideas, but some of them will probably work really well in your situation.

Just start writing that list.

Take as much time as you need to write your list. If it takes you two weeks to do it, then that’s fine. Ideally, you want it to be as large as possible.

After you are finished with your list, go through it and determine what smaller goals you can start to accomplish right now that will work toward achieving the big goal.

Its okay if some of your ideas don’t pan out right away. The point is to take action NOW on your baby step list.

Its alright with me if you think it’s a little silly with the terminology, but these type of techniques work for accomplishing your long term, larger goals.

The worst thing to do is to write your big goal and then do nothing about it. To not work toward it because you don’t know how or it is just to big to accomplish without hitting other milestones first.

By having your list of smaller goals, it will start to motivate you when those are accomplished and it will get your creative juices flowing to think of more possibilities for accomplishing the big goals.

I hope this little article helps you to find different and creative ways to achieving your own large goals.

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