10 Sure-Fire Ways to Put Your Career at Risk

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Put Your Career at Risk

While most people focus on career guidance regarding how to get succeeds.

We all can learn valuable lessons from professional failure of business experts as they offer their views in some of the ways to workers so that they can challenge their own careers and avoid to jeopardize their professional development.

10 Practices That Can Put Your Career at Risk

Want to put your career at risk, follow any number of following ways.

1. Do not Take Education Seriously

If you are not serious about your education and graduated with a low rating, you will definitely limit your opportunities to get better jobs initially.

If you don’t finish your master’s degree is another way to spoil your career.

2. Don’t Having a Plan

You may be in a profession that has not chosen well in the labor market.

That’s fine as long as you develop a plan to get where you should to be. Think of all the work that takes as a springboard to give you a boost to your next job then you can approach your goal.

3. Lying and Manipulating

You will lose professional credibility if you lie or exaggerate on your resume.

If someone calls to work and tells he’s sick and later that night put a photo on Facebook of its vacation day in Cabo San Lucas, can create a big problem.

4. Destructive Reputation on Facebook or Twitter

The social media can destruct your reputation in many ways.

Personal messages and tweets at work when you’re supposed to be doing its job may identify you as a slacker.

Also, the content of your posts or tweets can sink you.

You must assume that all leaders and potential employers know how to use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and you should assume that everyone can see what you post on the Internet.

5. Failure to Respect Professional Boundaries

Sharing too much information about your personal life with colleagues is unprofessional.

Your coworkers do not want to hear about your fights with partner.

On the other hand, if you are working with a private group communication must join the conversations from time to time.

6. Excessive Gossip, Slander and Criticizing

If you speak ill to your co-workers, boss, managers or even your competitors publicly, will appear to be a negative and unreliable person.

While speaking ill about competitors, just consider what if your company someday merges with a competitor, or if you ever want to work for your competitor.

7. Having an Inappropriate Relationship with Your Boss

A love affair with a boss could harm your ability.

When you engage in a fake relation or something unethical, you can be asked for trouble.

Even being too friendly with a boss can cause uncomfortable situations and other potential problems.

When it comes to your boss, keep things professional, it will always be the wisest choice.

8. Drinking Habit

Getting drunk at the office party or business can hurt your credibility.

9. Change of Work Just for Money

Changing jobs, in moderation, does not automatically disqualify a position.

But there comes a point, for example, if you have had seven or eight jobs at the age of 35, employers will not want to invest in you.

Also, if you have aspirations of leadership, note that the directors of many companies have been with your respective organizations for long periods.

In addition, many companies have a policy of dismissal which could get you fired if you don’t work for sufficient time.

10. Losing contact with your references

You will regret it later if you leave a job without getting personal contact information of colleagues who can serve as professional references for your future.

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