How to Manage a Credit Card Wisely

How to Manage a Credit Card Wisely

Acquiring a credit card is really easy, just apply to an entity, fill out forms and wait for you to make a financial study.

But using a credit card is bit complex; plastics should be used under a variety of parameters to not affect personal finances and your credit does not end life.

1o Tips to Use a Credit Card Wisely

Here are 10 tips for something so useful that can save you in an emergency.

1. Pay on Time to Avoid Problems

Credit cards can help you make payments to quota perhaps with other products can not, however, pay such funding is critical to keep your finances healthy.

2. Do Not Get into Debt on the Basis of Assumptions

You should not acquire debts based on future business, usually people say “I’ll borrow that next month or I’ll owe money”, if the money does not come that will not be an excuse for not responding to the agency.

So do not borrow if you’re not guaranteed to pay.

3. Avoid Paying Only the Minimum Share

It is not advisable to always pay the least since the stakes are highest and accumulate.

Now, with this we do not mean to pay all fees, because sometimes there is liquidity.

4. Compare Management Fees and Interest Rates

You should always keep in mind that payments made ​​through your plastic credit cost the most money you can make.

Therefore, you should not waste time if it comes to hiring your card, choose between the entity that offers the lowest interest and handling fee.

5. Control Your Spending

One of the best ways to control your spending and thus able to pay the installments of the credit card on time, you yourself set the day you want your bank may charge the monthly acquired on credit.

In this regard, experts make it clear that a practice that can help you to optimize your finances is to set that day near the collection of payroll.

6. Never Lose Sight of the Amount

Many consumers, when you have a credit card are not aware that the money is to be returned and therefore the card is used without caution.

Therefore, when shopping or transactions through this medium, you must never lose sight of the carrying amount on your account and so does not prevent over-indebtedness.

7. Do not Take More Than You can Afford

There are banks that at the time of making the study of credit they can offer financing amount above their ability to pay.

That’s why when it comes to signing the contract finds the figure is very high, take the initiative and ask for a spot less credit, because if it is above what you can afford, the card remains the leading cause of over-indebtedness.

8. Use Benefit Programs and Loyalty

In recent years, more and more banks are joining the trend of offering credit cards with assigned programs as miles profits.

That is why even though these programs will not make you pay less for your purchases, you can save money by redeeming points accumulated through transactions.

9. Find Deals and Promotions

Today high competition makes banking institutions to have fight for customers through additional offers and promotions.

So when it comes to acquiring a credit card, another recommendation is to research the company that offers the best benefits or discounts.

10.If You are Planning to Travel, Take Steps

Always make sure that the seller has returned your card, not someone else’s.

Be it a habit to check the amount on the copy of your receipt is the same as the seller delivers.

How you manage your credit card, share in the comments!

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