Worried About Conversion Rates? Fix These Copywriting Mistakes First

Worried About Conversion Rates? Fix These Copyrighting Mistakes First
Writing effective and impactful landing pages is always a challenge particularly when you know you are required to write one for boosting conversion rate or regaining sales on your website.

It becomes lot easier to face the challenge when you are aware of the mistakes you have been committing and you are expected to avoid in the first place.

What is the structure that may mar your sales copy?

Are you really talking about the pricing in a way you should not?

5 Common Copywriting Mistakes that Shatter Conversion Rates

If several such questions remain unanswered in your case, then here are a few copywriting mistakes that can literally damage the growth of conversion rate on your website.

Know them before it’s late!

1. Not Keeping a Check on Long Sales Copy

Long sales copy can often sound like a time-consuming bet hence it is always good to avoid them and go for something that is short and crisp.

It is advisable to get straight to the point and make the idea clear so that the readers can get what you are talking about without much fuss actually.

2. Using Structure that Might Strangle the Sales Copy

If you are using multi-column layouts for the purpose of writing and design, you may find it easy to use and display but it may abruptly fail when it comes to conversions on the landing pages.

When the multiple columns of the text are simply squeezed into single row, it may not appear very promising as far as the conversion rates are concerned.

That often creates the time when the users find it difficult to choose what they are going to read and what they should simply ignore. This will lead to them tuning out.

It is rather better to test with single column layout where rather one idea will appear flowing into the other.

This would clearly indicate that you are rather expecting your audiences to go through each and every thing you have to offer to them in your copy. If you are still keen on using columns, make sure that you are not using them side by side or one after another in alignment.

They may give a monotonous feel. Also, don’t forget to pair them with good pictures.

3. Misusing the Mathematical Literacy

If you have to suggest one from “50% off” and “50% extra free”, which one would you go for?

Remember that your consumers are always interested in the difference, even if it is little.

Go for the latter one and you will see the impact it makes. When you are describing or even devising the deals, make sure that you let the customers know what they are going to tell them; what “extra” should they expect rather than telling them how much they are going to save.

Also, try indicating what actually they are going to get for FREE!

4. Thinking like the Copy on Social Media

When you fail to understand causality, you are doing your business no good!

A lot of people actually assume that just because a particular social networking website is successful so imitating their sales copy is going to be a wise move.

This is not really what you should be aiming to do!

You must keep in mind that the sales copies on social networking websites’ landing pages have been written keeping their audience, aim and reach in mind. Imitating them blindly is no fun!

Even though if you want to try, do test it out first!

5. Forgetting to Flip Between the Positive and the Negative

Every organization has some positive and a few negative points too – the real art lies in the presentation and yes, we are talking about the sales copy again!

If two things seem to mean the same, you will have to find out which one will draw the positive reaction. However, using the positives always can be risky too so don’t brag about your brand too much!

You may choose to run a few tests and exploring what actually works and what doesn’t!


When you follow all these that we have mentioned above, there remains a fairly good chance about your conversion rate improving and fetching you the kind of benefits you always wanted!

Try and test out all that you are planning to implement which means you will also be required to research over things; know the taste and preferences of your audience.

Wanted to add any conversion rate mistake, please do share in the comments

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